Fiverr For Newbies – Why 90% Newbies Failed on Fiverr

How would you like to know why 90% newbies failed on Fiverr??

And Maybe that is the same case with you.

Imagine if you are frustrated, depressed and unable to answer the question ” why you are not getting success on Fiverr while everyone else have?”

… You maybe feel great if you overcome this issue with my help and yeah today I will help you to get out from failures on Fiverr.

In this post, I have answered not only the question ” Why 90% newbies failed on Fiverr ” but also teach a lot of thins inside this short video.

This is a best value pack training for newbies and if you are a pro Fiverr seller, you may find some golden nugget in it.

Watch Below Video to know more.

Today you will learn :

  • Overview of Fiverr For Newbies
  • Why 90% Newbies Failed On Fiverr
  • Getting Started With Fiverr 
  • Finding The Best Niche To Work
  • Profile & Gig Creation Tips
  • Optimizing Fiverr Profiles & Gigs
  • Getting Orders On Fiverr
  • How To Boost Your Sales
  • Fiverr Alternatives
  • Final Words

Overview of Fiverr For Newbies

Fiverr for newbies is purely for those who are getting consistently failed on Fiverr. As its name suggest, it helps newbies to get started with Fiverr. There is no rocket science in it. In fact there is always no rocket science in any Fiverr course

The only thing is Taking Action & I will show you some basic things that help you to get started on Fiverr with a right mindset

This free training is also for anyone who wants to start online career on Fiverr. And if you are a seller already on Fiverr, This will also give you a different mindset to see things about your Fiverr Profiles and Gigs.

I hope this free training will give you more than some paid training.

Why 90% Newbies Failed On Fiverr

This is big question why 90% Newbies Failed on Fiverr. We need to understand few things before we answer this question

  • Fiverr is still a $5 Market for anyone, either Buyer or Seller
  • Working on Fiverr takes some time to establish your profile and then seeing a positive growth in your revenue and this can take from 1 to 3 months on a Fresh Profile
  • As I said it is still $5 market ( out of which Fiverr will take its cake $1 ) so you need to have this thing in your mind. Do’t offer such thing on Fiverr for just $5 that takes so much time to complete. This will demotivate you
  • A Good way to offer a good service for $5 is to use Extras intelligently to squeeze more money from a $5 buyer
  • Always follow a plan. If you don’t have a plan of working on Fiverr, You will never get right results
  • Go with Over-delivery with your work to please your buyers.
  • Always Always be on Time to deliver your orders and Be patient to see Big Results later

Mostly newbies do a lot for $5 or do a very little work for $5. This is wrong work to do things on Fiverr. You need to manage your time according the money you are offered on Fiverr. So offer such services for $5 which can be deliver easy and fast.

Take Fiverr work as your business. Don’t just consider as a part time job. $5 seems to be very less for a job but I made over $100K+ from Fiverr not one time, rather 2 times.

And if you are facing issue, seek help from some fiverr expert you know. Join some Fiverr Masterminds to learn the Top sellers people tricks and see how they work. Then Follow what they do and how they do. Very simple way for success.

Getting Started With Fiverr 

Mostly my students faced the issue is that they start their working on Fiverr without doing some homework, they just do what other does

Well its good to follow the trendy gigs or hot gigs on Fiverr and I recommend it but don’t do it blindly. Make a proper plan how you will do work on Fiverr

Maybe this look strange but once I start any profile now, at least I spend 2 to 3 days on analysing the Fiverr Niche I want to work. Sometimes it take more

Also once I have my gigs setup on my profile, I keep an eye on them how they perform for first 24 to 72 hours. And things which are not working well in these time, I try to adjust with my strategies. Planning Ahead will make your Fiverr Profiles Ahead from others. Try it 🙂

Consider Your Fiverr Profile page is Your Business Page Where your Products are listed as Gigs. Make a better plan and then focus on your work. Everything will be perfect.

Finding The Best Niche To Work

I always speak to work on hot niche that has lots of buyers. Examples are Logo Design & SEO. If you analyse gigs of top rated sellers and level 2 sellers, you will see huge no of orders there.

So basically I want to say do your effort where money is and the best niche is not necessarily based on the skills you have. Best Niche or Hot niche on Fiverr is based on no of buyers and the competition in it.

Most people analyse niche competition wrongly and then discourage as they think there is a lot competition in hot niches. However if you analyse it properly, you will see you can still work in that niche.

For example In a single glance, SEO and Logo Design is almost impossible to beat but that’s not true. Deep analysis will show you that you can make a lot of money working in them. If you don’t have skills in these niches, try to develop them or do outsourcing to get your work done.

Profile & Gig Creation Tips

Your Fiverr Profile is your business identity for your services ( Gigs ) so please please make it complete in all sense. It should give a warm welcome and freshness to buyers.

Mostly buyers visit your profile if you are new on Fiverr to know more about you. If your profile is not completed or you just simply ignore to put important details, they may ignore you too.

Use a smiling face picture on your profile facing towards buyer. They will love smiling faces. you can use your own image if you want to brand that profile, otherwise use Google Images.

When creating Gigs, keep in mind your title has the most important value in your whole gig. Your title should be attention grabber and eye catching. Add some incentives in title for your buyers to buy your service. Give them a reason to buy a thing from you which is already selling by thousands of other Sellers

Add a great image or better to have a video explaining in detail about your service. Gigs with vidoes always get more orders.

Also use unique image, don’t copy. Better to get someone from fiverr to create a good looking and self explanatory image for your service. 90% of buyers order on 3 things. Your Gig Title, Your Gig image or video and then reviews you have on your gigs. Also they only check if you are offering any refund or money back grantee in your description.

While writing description, explain your services in detail but do remember you have to offer everything that you will mention in your gig description. So craft your description carefully

I hope these tips will help you to get more orders. Ask anything if you don’t understand so that I can clear it.

Optimizing Fiverr Profiles & Gigs

Many Times I’ve said in my products that the biggest optimizing Factor on Fiverr for your Gigs and Profile is having orders & positive feedback from Fiverr buyers

I saw people spent a lot of time on their profile but they give less focus on getting orders.

You only need a profile fully complete with Fiverr TOS. Don’t overdo it. Also I see some Fiverr Gurus even suggest to apply NLP techniques in your Profile. What the hell it is? You don’t need to do such silly things at all

Just make a good looking profile with a great Service on it clearly explaining what you are offering. No need to do keyword adjustment or Seo for you work. All are just time consuming

Focus on one thing, Orders, Orders and Orders & Leave everything else

If you are not getting orders in start, don’t wait. Do something to get orders. Try buyer requests or do some exchange to get some positive feedback on your gigs. Do this and leave everything

Getting Orders On Fiverr

The major reasons people demotivated from Fiverr in early stages is they are not getting enough orders on their services or gigs on Fiverr. Now the thing is if you are not getting orders, you are actually not doing business on Fiverr.

If you do everything right and still not able to get orders for some days, it means something is wrong and you need to figure it out. Don’t sit and wait for orders. Do something to get orders

You can promote your services on different forums and offer some bonus if they order. Warriorforum, Digitalpoint, and many other forums are best places to get buyers

Another way is to get orders using buyer requests option on Fiverr. But Send requests only to relative buyers requests otherwise there is a chance your account will be banned

Also do some exchange with other Fiverr Sellers. This is a bit risky if you don’t do it proper. However this is easiest way to get feedback on your gigs that will attract normal Fiverr buyers to order your service.

One more way to buy positive reviews for you gigs. I recommend this since it is the fastest way to rank your gigs higher in Fiverr and get more eyeballs from Fiverr buyers to your service. But keep in mind it is not allowed by Fiverr so you need to be very smart while doing this.

How To Boost Your Sales On Fiverr

The Best thing to boost your sales is to offer something extra than your competitor & offer that extra thing in your Gig Title. This works, you need to test

For example you can simply say ” I will give 100 Extra SEO Back-links If you order today ” Or I will do one gig for free, buy one get one free” something that gets buyer attention

There are thousands of sellers and millions of Gigs on Fiverr so you need to stand out from others to get buyers attention. Play smartly to get buyers attention first and then orders

I used a lot to do this thing buy one get one free twist in my gig titles. But i offered this thing for a limited period and usually in the starting phase of my gig.

Once I start getting a good number of daily orders, I normally remove that part from my gig title. you don’t need to have it all the time on your gigs as it will give you a loss in revenue ultimately

Just focus what marketing companies do to sell their products. Give your buyers a reason to buy from you. Offer some incentive to buyers if they do regular orders. This will boost sales.

What Are Fiverr Alternatives

There are many alternatives you can try along with Fiverr. I can’t say you make a lot on them as still Fiverr is King for these $5 job market.

However some good Fiverr Alternatives are below that you can try to add some extra income

  • SEOClerk,
  • GigBuckes,
  • People Per Hour Hourlie,

There Are few more but I just put those where you have more chances to make money. If you are in SEO Niche, Konker is the best choice ( it is old Source-Wave Market by Alex Becker)

But that doesn’t mean you ignore Fiverr. You can’t find that many buyers on any other $5 platform as Fiverr Have. So as mentioned earlier do effort there where money is

I personally had only success with Konker and I am loving it. Though its an early stage at the moment but it may be the biggest competitor for Fiverr in Future.

So if you don’t have account on Konker, get one right now.

Final Words

I am sure all of your questions are answered today in this post…

I hope you guys like these small but working tips and I am sure if you apply them, it will give you an increase in your Fiverr revenue.If you don’t understand you can ask question in Fiverr Buddies Group and if you are a member of my Fiverr Insider Circle, you can also asks on live Q&A Power Sessions about your issues.

I am always available for any help regarding your issues on Fiverr and I will do my best to make sure you get results on Fiverr. So never hesitate to ask me questions.

Remember Fiverr isn’t easy for those who don’t take actions. You have to take actions what you learn, you may be fail in first attempt but later you will be successful if you are doing right.

It took me many years to figure out what works on Fiverr what not. I did failed multiple times on Fiverr but ultimately I got huge success. So dedication, passion and keep pushing yourself on daily basis towards your goal is the key to success. Just do it what is working and ignore rest.

I hope you like this post and let me know your thoughts in comments. If you like it, share it with your friends on facebook. All the best and let me know your feedback in comments about this training.

The Issue With Multiple Profiles on Fiverr

Everyone wants to use Multiple Profiles on Fiverr specially those who have already working as a Fiverr Seller. They know the power of using Multiple Profiles. Since More Profile Means More $$$$ so who wants to leave the money on the Table ? No One.

Imagine if you can increase your Fiverr Revenue up to 10x times to your normal one using Multiple Fiverr Profiles and then use that revenue to fulfil your dreams desires or pay debts you have.

This is all possible. However Managing Multiple Profiles on Fiverr is not so easy now. Fiverr has a strict policy on it and also Fiverr software can detect multiple profiles if you’re not using them properly.

The issues with Multiple Profiles on Fiverr

As you know fiverr only allows one profile per Seller ( i will say one ip 🙂 However you can still use Multiple Profiles on Fiverr without disturbing your revenue.

But its not easy to handle multiple profiles on Fiverr. I am listing few of them

  1. You need a proper strategy or formula to manage and making more revenue on fiverr with them. A Good news is that you will get this strategy in upcoming messages.
  2. If you are managing all profiles from one PC, they can be on risk. Though its possible to use them from single PC but your profiles will always be on risk of banning by Fiverr.
  3. If you want to manage them from different Ips, off course there is a cost involve and you have to take it into consideration.
  4. Also the last thing Management. Well managing multiple profiles work is itself a big deal but when you have to manage other tings like Payments, Credit cards and reviews, its a really monster work.

Should you avoid using Multiple Profiles on Fiverr??

The answer is obviously A BIG NO. Since by forcing yourself to just one profile, you’re losing a lot of money on table as i told you in my previous email.

Never Ever think you can’t use Multiple Profiles on Fiverr. In fact If I was not using Multiple Profiles, I may never be able to hit 100k on Fiverr. That’s true

How Many Multiple Fiverr Profiles You Have

Still Not Using Multiple Fiverr Profiles ??

If you are working on Fiverr as a seller & You are not using Multiple Fiverr Profiles, You are leaving a lot of money on Table. I know this is not easy to have multiple profiles on Fiverr but using them can give an overnight increase in your normal revenue

Right Now I ‘ve 15 Fiverr Profiles that my team is working on them. 3 Profiles are Top Rated and All others are having level 2.

And I just added 3 more today to the whole list today

You may think ” Idrees these are a lot of profiles, how you are managing them?” Well for me, They are NOT a lot. They are way less I was managing back in 2013

… The number was over 100 🙂

Back in 2013, Fiverr was not very hard on managing multiple Profiles and it was very easy to run 15 to 20 profiles from one home PC.

But now they have strict policies in place and its quite hard to manage them.

Why I’m using Multiple Fiverr Profiles on Fiverr

…. Simple Answer is More Profiles, More Revenue off course.

This is not necessary you have all profiles in one niche. If you know how to outsource your stuff properly or you have a team to manage your work, Multiple Fiverr Profiles are the best way to get at least 10,000 on Fiverr each month

.So Now how many profiles you are having on Fiverr?

Are you still using One Profile only?

I can imagine most of you guys have only one profile on Fiverr as they are afraid of getting banned. Another reason may be they don’t know how to use safely Multiple Fiverr Profiles. Are you?

But If you not using Multiple Profiles, you’re leaving tons of money on table,This is not quite hard to manage multiple profiles on Fiverr

How To Use Multiple Fiverr Profiles

There are different ways to run multiple profiles and few of them are

  • From Your Own PC or Multiple PCs at Home
  • Using A Secure VPN ( virtual private network )
  • Using A RDP ( virtual desktops)
  • Using A Virtual Team

… All of them are easy but they need proper precautions in place.