The Issue With Multiple Profiles on Fiverr

Everyone wants to use Multiple Profiles on Fiverr specially those who have already working as a Fiverr Seller. They know the power of using Multiple Profiles. Since More Profile Means More $$$$ so who wants to leave the money on the Table ? No One.

Imagine if you can increase your Fiverr Revenue up to 10x times to your normal one using Multiple Fiverr Profiles and then use that revenue to fulfil your dreams desires or pay debts you have.

This is all possible. However Managing Multiple Profiles on Fiverr is not so easy now. Fiverr has a strict policy on it and also Fiverr software can detect multiple profiles if you’re not using them properly.

The issues with Multiple Profiles on Fiverr

As you know fiverr only allows one profile per Seller ( i will say one ip 🙂 However you can still use Multiple Profiles on Fiverr without disturbing your revenue.

But its not easy to handle multiple profiles on Fiverr. I am listing few of them

  1. You need a proper strategy or formula to manage and making more revenue on fiverr with them. A Good news is that you will get this strategy in upcoming messages.
  2. If you are managing all profiles from one PC, they can be on risk. Though its possible to use them from single PC but your profiles will always be on risk of banning by Fiverr.
  3. If you want to manage them from different Ips, off course there is a cost involve and you have to take it into consideration.
  4. Also the last thing Management. Well managing multiple profiles work is itself a big deal but when you have to manage other tings like Payments, Credit cards and reviews, its a really monster work.

Should you avoid using Multiple Profiles on Fiverr??

The answer is obviously A BIG NO. Since by forcing yourself to just one profile, you’re losing a lot of money on table as i told you in my previous email.

Never Ever think you can’t use Multiple Profiles on Fiverr. In fact If I was not using Multiple Profiles, I may never be able to hit 100k on Fiverr. That’s true

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  1. Nice Post, hope that next post will be on precautions….how about using multiple PCs from same workplace? is it space, provided that internet connection is same for all.

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